Weight Loss Diet Chart

Weight Loss Diet Chart your favorite healthy food is there food that you think is healthy but maybe you’ re not sure leave me a comment letting me know your favorite healthy food in a previous video I explained why nutrition information can be so confusing and so overwhelming and I basically ruled out all […]

Weight Loss

How Cure Lower Back Pain

How Cure Lower Back Pain Whether you’ ve bent down the wrong way lifted something very heavy off the floor or you’ ve just been struggling with nagging lower back pain for a while now there are things you can do to speed up your recovery and quickly relieve your pain but if you don’ […]

Fix Pain

Fix Forward Head Posture

Fix Forward Head Posture For every inch that your head moves forward your neck and your upper back have to support an extra ten pounds of weight just to keep your head from literally falling off of your body if forward head posture is left untreated it can cause neck and back pain headaches breathing […]

Fix Pain

Build Muscle Workout Plan

Build Muscle Workout Plan if you consider yourself a hardgainer and you find that no matter how hard you try you just can’ t pack on any more muscle you’ re probably wondering what am I doing wrong here you’ ve probably spent months or maybe even years trying to bulk up but you’ re […]

Workout Tips

Which Exercise Reduce Belly Fat

Which Exercise Reduce Belly Fat Today i will tell you which exercise reduce belly fat tire or a muffin top excess belly fat will increase your chances of developing heart disease type 2 diabetes and as your waist-hip ratio increases hormones in your body like testosterone insulin leptin and ghrelin go through a series of […]

Workout Tips

How To Look Handsome

How to be handsome today’ s blog is all about male grooming 101 especially for Indian guys there’ s a lot of male grooming blog out on the internet but none really for the average young Indian guy who deals with issues like acne issues like oily skin issues like scruffy hair issues like high […]

Grooming Tips

Healthy Dinner Ideas 2020

Healthy Dinner Ideas 2020   Hey health nuts welcome back to my Blog I’m Nicole if you’ re new here hello welcome so before happened to today’ s recipe Blog I just want to say hello how you guys doing I feel like I never just get to like sit and chat this is why […]

Grooming Tips

How Much Time Take Green Tea For Weight Loss

How Much Time Take Green Tea For Weight Loss   Hey it’ s karena your virtual health coach and today in my mystery grocery bag my top six drinks for weight loss and I’ m pretty sure there’ s at least one drink in here that you’ ve probably never considered drinking so in previous […]

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Foods India

Weight Loss Foods India   I’ m counting down the top 10 sources of protein I want you toyour favorite source of protein is now I am going to include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources of protein in this blog so be sure to leave me acomment letting me know your favorite source of protein. […]

Weight Loss
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