January 11, 2020

Fix Forward Head Posture

Fix Forward Head Posture

For every inch that your head moves forward your neck and your upper back have to support an extra ten pounds of weight just to keep your head from literally falling off of your body if forward head posture is left untreated it can cause neck and back pain headaches breathing issues pinched nerves and numbness in your hands and the worst part is if you continue to maintain a forward head posture over the years you' ll start to develop an abnormal curve in your upper spine and your body will build up scar tissue on the lower part of your neck known as a dowager's hump I think it' s safe to say that nobody wants a hump on their back not now.

Fix Forward Head Posture

For every inch that your head moves forward your neck and your upper back have to support an extra ten pounds of weight just to keep your head from literally falling off of your body if forward head posture is left untreated it can cause neck and back pain headaches breathing issues pinched nerves and numbness in your hands and the worst part is if you continue to maintain a forward head posture over the years you’ ll start to develop an abnormal curve in your upper spine and your body will build up scar tissue on the lower part of your neck known as a dowager’s hump I think it’ s safe to say that nobody wants a hump on their back not now.

and not later so today I’ m going to show you the five key steps you’ ll need to take to fix this postural deviation once and for all and the very test to find out if you have forward head posture to begin with this is a really easy test that will only take a minute you’ ll stand with your back against the flat wall making sure to touch the wall with both your heels and your shoulder blades as those four spots touch the wall check where your head naturally goes if the back of your head is touching the wall or it’ s pretty close to touching the wall you probably don’ t have any kind of real forward head posture however if your head naturally shifts forward and it ends up inches away from the wall then you probably dohave forward head posture and.

the further your head is from the wall the more important it is for you to start fixing this right away this is because as your head comes forward your shoulders will also round forward and then to see straight you’ re gonna have to compensate by tilting your head up in combination all of this will cause certain muscle groups to shorten and tighten up including your sternocleidomastoid which runs along the front and the side of your neck your sub occipital muscles behind your head at scalene muscles upper traps chest and your lats all of them will shorten and become tighter further reinforcing this bad posture so step number two is to begin releasing and stretching the tight muscles and we’ re gonna start first with the sternocleidomastoid to release this muscle you’ ll first locate it by looking for the v-shaped muscle that runs from your collarbones up the sides of your neck you’ re gonna massage this muscle by gently pinching it between your fingers working your way up and,

down along the entire muscle massage each side for about a minute and then you’ ll move on to stretching it by first placing your hand over your collarbone and pulling the skin down then lift up and rotate your head and your chin diagonally to the opposite side holding this position will also stretch out the tight anterior scalene make sure you
hold it for 30 seconds before switching sides and then repeat for three rounds after that for your next stretch you’ ll
want to grab the opposite side of your head with one hand until your ear towards that raised shoulder while holding your opposite arm behind your back hold that stretch for about 30 seconds on each side and again repeat for three rounds now for the sub occipital muscles you’ ll want to first release them by using a massage ball or something similar like a lacrosse ball lay down with your back against,

the floor and place the ball behind your head at the base of your skull then roll the ball along the area by gently tilting your head up and down and side to side you want to do this for about two minutes and make sure you roll out each side if you don’ t have a ball keep in mind you can also simply massage these muscles with your fingers once those muscles are relaxed you’ ll want to stretch them out by tucking your chin back and looking down while gently applying downward pressure on the back of your head for 30 seconds and then repeat that three times finally for the chest and the lats you can stretch your chest by placing your arms at 90 degree angles against the frame of a doorway before leaning through and for the lats grab something sturdy above your head with an underhand or a neutral grip and,

lean back while rotating your body towards the arm that’ s holding on once again for all these stretches you’ re gonna go for three rounds and 30 second holds per round now aside from all these stretches you’ ll also want to implement corrective exercises which is actually step 3 this will strengthen the muscles that keep your head in the right position you see not only will forward head posture cause certain muscles to shorten and get tighter but other
muscles will elongate and weaken these include your deep cervical flexors which keep your chin tucked the extensor
muscles around your upper spine and your rhomboids a great way to strengthen your deep cervical flexors is with chin tucks to do this you’ ll lay down with your back flat against the ground and then tuck your chin in word as if
you’ re trying to create a double chin while sliding the back of your head along.

the floor when done properly it’ ll feel like you’ re trying to get the back position for about three to five seconds
and then repeat for 15 to 20 reps for a total of three sets you can also do something similar to this throughout the
day by simply standing or sitting upright and then tucking your chin inward like before when doing this make sure that you’ re actually pulling your chin back you’ re not just raising it up and down throwing in a few sets of this exercise after being seated for a couple hours can be especially beneficial another exercise you’ ll want to do to strengthen the extensors around your upper spine as well as your rhomboids is the Superman row here you’ ll start
laying flat on your stomach with your arms above your head next lift your legs and your upper body up off the floor at the same time and hold that position as you roll your arms down then bring them back above your head before,

relaxing and returning to the starting position again we’ re shooting for 10 to 15 reps here and three sets total now this whole corrective routine with the exercises and the stretches included should only take you about 10 to 15 minutes or so so if you can try to squeeze it in daily or at least every other day it’ ll really help also on top of the corrective exercises if you’ re not already training your back once or twice a week with resistance you should definitely start exercises like barbell rows reverse flies and face pulls,

Fix Forward Head Posture

as well as many others will help strengthen your mid traps and your rhomboids which will help pull your shoulder blades back into that proper upright posture so for more back strengthening exercises I’ ll include a link in the description below but now that you’ ve got your corrective exercises and your stretching routine in place you’ ll want to move on to step 4 which is to set up an ideal work in home environment that helps you maintain better posture and you’ ll want to eliminate those bad daily habits that promote bad posture most people spend the majority of the day seated whether you’ re slumped over staring at a computer screen all day or you’ re always sitting in a car while driving long distances there are things you can do that will help or hurt your posture for example if you work on a computer you’ ll want to set up your office desk a certain way first you’ ll want to adjust.

the incline level of your seat many people will practically be half laying down in their office chairs and in their cars instead you’ ll only want to recline a little further back than 90 degrees so that your back is relaxed but still upright you’ ll also want your hips all the way back against the seat and make sure that you set the chair at a height where your feet are flat on the ground then adjust your monitor so that it’ s directly in front of you a few inches above eye level this will really help you avoid slouching down as you work finally make sure you slide your chair and close enough so that you can see without having to shift your head,

Fix Forward Head Posture

forward every few seconds now besides sitting behind a computer and driving most of us also spend a lot of time on
our phones and this is a big cause of poor posture as well rather than holding your phone under your chest you should get into the habit of raising your phone up to eye level a great way to do this is to cross one arm over your chest and to pin your other elbow against that arm even though it’ s not a big deal if youn send out a quick text while looking down at your phone it’ ll definitely be harmful for your posture if you’ re spending hours slouched over your phone while scrolling through Instagram or while shopping for things online so when you’ re gonna be on your phone for a while don’ t bring your face down to your phone bring your phone up to your face,

the last environmental change that I want to go over has to do with the way that you sleep if you stack four pillows
under your head and fall asleep that way you’ ll be spending 68 hours every night holding that very same forward head posture that you’ re trying to avoid which will undo all that hard work that you’re putting in when you’ re awake so first lower your pillow height so that your ears shoulders and hips stay in a relatively straight line while you sleep make sure that your head is on the pillow but not your shoulders to prevent your upper back from rounding you’ ll also probably do better with a mattress that’ s at least medium firm soft mattresses don’ t provide much support which will cause your hips to sink down into the bed putting your spine into a bad position now to solidify these changes the final step is to remind yourself consistently to practice maintain better posture on a daily basis
this may sound easy.

but you’ ll notice right away that you’ ll constantly be tempted to revert back to that bad slouched over posture and this is more than just a bad habit standing or sitting upright with your head up and your shoulder blades back communicates confidence and it also does draw attention so it can be a tough position to hold if you’ re not feeling confident especially in a social situation the best way to fix this is with repeated practice and by setting yourself reminders throughout the day to check in on your posture now there are many posture correcting tools out there that will remind you when you start slouching but most of them won’ t really help that much most posture correctors will be doing the work of holding your shoulders back for you which will prevent your muscles from getting stronger on their own,

but one posture corrector that I really do like is the upright go it doesn’ t do the work for you and it’ ll remind you every time that your posture starts getting bad you simply stick it on your upper back and then it’ ll send you alerts and give you real-time feedback right on your phone after enough time of practicing good posture on a daily basis
it’ ll just start feeling more natural and you definitely won’ t have to worry about it as much anymore that’ s it guys I really hope this video has helped you out and that you now have a solid strategy to fix forward head posture once and for all if you’ ve enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe to the channel and hit that Bell icon if you also want to build some muscle or burn some body fat while improving your posture visit my website where I have challenges set up that are helping my clients lose pound after pound of fat while replacing it with solid lean muscle mass with our programs you’ ll get a goal specific meal plan.

that can be customized based on your preferences you’ ll also get a weekly workout plan that comes with a full video exercise library a recipe book and an accountability coach that’ ll be there to answer any questions you have and guide you through the entire process to find out more you can click the link below in the description or you could
visit my website directly at gravity transformation calm I’ ll see you guys soon.

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