January 7, 2020

How Much Time Take Green Tea For Weight Loss

How Much Time Take Green Tea For Weight Loss


Hey it’ s karena your virtual health coach and today in my mystery grocery bag my top six drinks for weight loss and I’ m pretty sure there’ s at least one drink in here that you’ ve probably never considered drinking so in previous videos I have compared to some of the best and worst drinks for weight loss out there on the market but in this Blog.

I’ m going to focus on six drinks that actually can help you lose weight so let’ s just dive right in okay so let’ s start out with one that you’ ve probably heard of before and that is green tea now green tea has been getting a lot of tension lately and I just want to tell you why green tea is associated with weight loss so number one the caffeine content in general caffeine is known to give us energy right and ideally that energy is something we’ re going to use to go workout so caffeine in and of itself can boost metabolism give us energy help the body metabolize fat but primarily.

I think that the energy that we get from caffeine we should be using to go and workout with green tea also contains a lot of antioxidants one of them is EGCG I don’ t know the long name for it but it’ s EGCG is known to boost metabolism so this is why there are studies which show that people who drink green tea while working out actually burn more fat so tea in general can offer a lot of different benefits and I’ ve brought a few different teas to show you here is an everyday detox type of tea and then yerba mate a yerba monta is probably even higher in caffeine than green tea but again it’ s going to be way better for you than soda or coffees or something like that so I wanted to show you the mottai and point out that there also are other health benefits and antioxidants that we get from drinking Montay which we won’ t get again from sodas or coca-cola or something like that and then I wanted to also show you some of these other tea products.

So anything we drink that prevents us from drinking sodas or is going to help with weight loss right so tea is a great thing to replace and because that caffeine content it’ ll still give you that energy that may be you know a lot of us come to depend on now my favorite kind of tea is loose tea this actually comes from a place called the tea embassy tea is great because you get a lot of different flavors you can even have a sweet tea that doesn’ t have sugar in it but you always need to read the ingredients there are also many products like this-this one is called fit tea this is actually sent to us so that we could review it and this is a very cool tea it has green tea oolong rooibos pomegranate and then it also contains grana and birch which are herbs.

How Much Time Take Green Tea For Weight Loss

also associated with weight loss now one of the primary reasons that gharana is associated with weight loss is because of the caffeine so once again that caffeine as a way to help boost weight loss and really just give us energy so we can workout harder and then it’ s sweetened with honey and stevia so I brewed a little bit of this here so you can see what it looks like if you’ ve never made tea with an infuser is very easy you just pour the tea in and then pour the hot water over it and I’ ve got this cute little thing with a little lid you don’ t need that obviously you can also buy teabags it’ s very simple and will give it a little taste test it’s good it’ s very complex
definitely when you’ ve got herbs like gharana and birch they can impart kind of a woody flavor but it’ s a very tasty beverage and it looks like a very healthy product so now let’ s move on to our second drink for weight loss I’ ve said this before but really the only beverage that our body needs is water so let’ s talk about how we can maybe spruce up water make it a little bit more exciting so of course drinking water by itself is a great thing to do you need to make sure that you’ re drinking plenty of pure clean preferably filtered water.

How Much Time Take Green Tea For Weight Loss

But another way you can kind of supercharge your water to make it help even more with weight loss and overall health is by adding lemon and lemons have a naturally alkalizing detoxifying anti-inflammatory effect really good for our overall health and especially with weight loss because they help us to detox now similarly another great thing you can add to water is this apple cider vinegar and again very similar benefits that we get from the lemon alkalizing detoxifying boosting immunity so,

How Much Time Take Green Tea For Weight Loss

what I like to do is you know some mornings I’ ll add apple cider vinegar some mornings I’ ll just do water and lemon first thing in the morning a big glass of water with one of these additions it’ s a great way to start boosting your metabolism and losing weight and just add however much you can add that is palatable for you to drink and know that at you know the as you get used to it you’ ll be able to have more and more at first you may want to use honey or stevia to make it a little more palatable but for me I’ ve been drinking this for so long it tastes amazing just by itself I don’ t use any sweetener at all and of course that’ s the healthier way to go is to not use a sweetener before we move on to number three there’ s one other thing I want to show you and that is coconut water it’ s probably something that you’ re familiar with now in another video I’ m going to actually show you how to open up the tae-young coconut and actually just get the water straight out of it which is my
favorite way to drink coconut water.

But there are also many new brands on the market that are really good high quality you just want to look on the back and make sure the ingredient list doesn’ t contain anything other than water because there are some out there that have additional sweeteners and flavors and stuff so coconut water is excellent it’ s full of electrolytes now electrolytes get a lot of attention because we know that when we’ re sweating we’re losing electrolytes if you’ re trying to lose weight you should be sweating okay so when we lose those electrolytes we need to put them back you can get electrolytes from all of these awesome fruits and vegetables you don’t need a Gatorade you don’ t need a Powerade if you’ re looking for a quick drink to give you electrolytes this should be it and coconut water is actually more hydrating than water.

How Much Time Take Green Tea For Weight Loss

because it contains more hydrogen so coconut water is something I drink very regularly lady gaga drinks coconut water regularly this is a really good healthy beverage for weight loss so let’ s move on to number three okay here we go aloe vera juice there we go this little baby right here now chances are you are familiar with putting aloe vera on your skin we do this for blemishes we can do this for sunburns aloe vera is really really good for your skin but this may not be something that you ever thought of drinking but drinking aloe vera juice also has a whole lot of health benefits so again alkalizing detoxification anti-inflammatory just general mint you know but health benefits that are going to help you in a lot of different ways now the reason aloe vera juice can help with weight loss is because it actually helps to balance your blood sugar levels now in addition to boosting immunity regulating blood sugar all of these kind of general health benefits it’ s also loaded with vitamins like a C and E it’ s also loaded with B vitamins which is going to be really beneficial for the vegetarians who aren’ t getting their B vitamins from animal products.

And it also has gastrointestinal benefits so it actually can help to improve digestion it’ s known to help with acid reflux ulcers and any kind of gastrointestinal distress so anything that helps to improve digestion and make digestion a little bit more efficient is going to help you lose weight so this is this is the beverage that maybe you had never realized you could actually drink but the taste can be a little odd maybe takes a little getting used to but again if you even if you added a little bit of honey or a little bit of stevia this is still going to be way healthier for you than a diet coke or a lot of these different weight loss shakes that I discussed in the previous videos so next up I’ m going to discuss drinks that aren’ t really necessarily going to come out of the bag so a lot of you guys have asked me what’ s better for weight loss green juice or green smoothies now I’ m actually about to shoot an entire series of Blog about green juices and green smoothies it’ s important to understand
that green juices and green smoothies are both incredibly healthy but they kind of have different benefits and you know really just need to determine what’ s most practical for you what are you going to like better so just to briefly compare them when you’ re drinking a green juice the whole idea is that you can pack in way more nutrients way more vitamins way more vegetables basically then you could actually eat in one sitting so could you imagine eating this many veggies maybe this seems like a lot of veggies okay.

But when we juice them it’ s actually going to juice down to a much smaller amount so for people who have significant health issues or significant chronic diseases green juicing is an excellent way to in you  know take in a huge amount of nutrients at one time now with all that said juicers are pretty expensive right and a lot of you have written to me asking you know what should I do get a juicer or blender now I personally kind of lean towards blending and smoothies and the primary reason is that you get to keep all the fiber and the fiber is what helps to fill you up and helps to keep your GI tract moving smoothly so does so when we’ re juicing we actually take all of the fiber out we can see all the fiber in the canister at the end but when we are blending and making smoothies you get to keep all that fiber so with a juice.

You’ re not going to be satisfying your hunger very much because you’ re removing the fiber but the benefit of a smoothie is that it can actually serve as a meal replacement because you can include all that fiber lots of protein I’ ll discuss different recipes for smoothies in that future blog so with that said both juicing and
blending or making smoothies can be very beneficial for weight loss I will throw out there that if you’ re looking to lose weight quickly but not necessarily for the long haul than doing a juice fast a green juice fast can be a very good.

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