January 7, 2020

How Much Water Should I Drink To Lose Weight Fast

How Much Water Should I Drink To Lose Weight Fast


hey it’ s karena your virtual health coach and today the topic is water I’ m going to be talking about how water can help you lose weight can help you burn belly fat can help you have more energy clearer skin and will we’ ll get to all of that later.

I’ m actually going to do this water test on three different sources of water so I’ m going to compare how tap water compares with our water filter at the office compares with bottled water so the bottom line is that all water is going to be healthy for you to drink any water and however there are a lot of potential contaminants in the water and so we can even use this water testing kit as a guide a couple of the big ones would be lead pesticides iron copper then alkalinity that’ s looking at the pH or water hardness which is an important factor chlorine nitrates nitrites and bacteria so again bottom line is that your body needs water and that’s what we’ re going to be talking about in this video but the more that the water you’ re drinking on a regular basis contains these various contaminants the more you are just adding more toxicity into the body and in some cases like chlorine these can actually have very harmful effects on our health when we consider things like pesticides this kind of calls into a very important point which is that a lot of the contaminants found in the water are actually there because of chemicals or pollution that is either sprayed on our crops so something lik pesticides or there’ s instances.

How Much Water Should I Drink To Lose Weight Fast

Where companies are actually dumping their chemical pollutants into water to get rid of them now there are supposed to be very stringent sets of rules you know
that are too keep companies from doing stuff like this but we know that it happens we know that there are some issues with the water safety and preventing companies from dumping pollutants into the water so that’ s just a couple of those considerations chlorine is actually added to the water on purpose and that is to prevent bacteria in the water which is a very-very valid concern and chlorine in the water has arguably saved a lot of lives because of that important function it provides the only issue is that chlorine is not necessarily something we want to be ingesting so filtering the chlorine out of your water before you drink it can be a really good idea so we’ ll take a closer look at the water testing kit and how easy it is to use a little bit later on in the video but first let’ s talk about why water is so important in the first place so when you look up a list of health benefits associated with water it seems like everything under the Sun is a health benefit of water your immune system,

getting clear skin losing weight and the primary reason for this is that water is an integral-integral part of literally every single chemical reaction that your body does so quite literally speaking when we’ re looking at all of the various functions that our body is doing every single day of our lives to keep us alive and healthy every single one of those reactions depends on water so whether you want to imagine water as the magical serum that enables your body to do all the important functions it does bottom line is that you need to have water in your diet every day and arguably filtered water is going to be the best choice one of the most important functions our body is doing is detoxification so taking the toxins that we ingest through our diet or that we breathe in through the air and getting rid of those various toxins
and we know that our liver and our kidney are the primary organs that take care of this process so understand that water again is kind of the magical serum.

That allows this important function to take place now I really like this kind of image of walking through a forest and imagining that you come across a flowing stream the water is clear the water is flowing there’ s this great movement of the stream and you get the sense that this is some clean pure water now contrast that little image with walking through a beautiful forest and happening upon a stagnant pond water that for whatever reason has just kind of collected in a certain area and it’ become stagnant so that means it’ s not flowing there’ s not a fresh supply of new water coming in as that water sits there it becomes just filled with bacteria and who knows what all other kinds of stuff is going to end up growing in this water so taking this idea of the difference between a beautiful flowing pond and a stagnant pond

this is such an important kind of concept in understanding how we can help detoxification to flow in our body so again water comes in and helps to turn that stagnant pond into a much cleaner source so water is key for helping your liver and your kidneys and all of the other detoxification processes in the body to get all of the bad stuff out so from the perspective of weight loss this concept of detoxification is really really important because the more that toxins kind of accumulate in your digestive tract the more that your digestive tract is disabled from doing important things like digesting your food so we talked about belly fat and bloating in the abdominal area which is a really common thing again we can kind of think about this stagnant pond scenario you can kind of just imagine that.

How Much Water Should I Drink To Lose Weight Fast

If things are not flowing freely through our digestive tract they’ re going to start stagnating and that’ s going to be in the belly area so this is why doing a liver cleanse can be really effective for getting rid of that belly fat and bloating it just kind of helps to clear out the digestive tract so that the food we eat can flow through it so another consideration about water and weight loss is that dehydration can actually cause you to overeat or to eat when you’ re not actually hungry because sometimes we confuse thirst and hunger from the perspective that dehydration can also cause things like headaches can also prevent your body from doing all of those functions we talked about in the first part of the video understand that water is a really essential part of the whole fat burning process turning all of that stored fat on your body into ketones that can be burned for fuel this whole process very-very very contingent upon water so weight loss and water for me are two things that really-really go hand-in-hand water also composes about 75% of your muscle tissue.

How Much Water Should I Drink To Lose Weight Fast

So once again it’s very-very important whether you’ re working out and you are demanding lots of energy on your muscles need to replenish that water and certainly from the perspective of wanting to build more muscle you need a lot of water and arguably people who do a lot more intense exercise and that are doing heavy weight-bearing activities and stuff like that are going to need to drink even more water than the average person not only because they’ re sweating more and so they’ re losing a lot of water but also because the more muscle you’ re building the more water you need now while we’ re talking about working out let’ s talk about sweat another popular topic so in order to burn fat and lose weight we need to do that good cardiovascular exercise that increases our great and usually gets us sweating sweating is awesome because it helps detoxify the body it’ s part of why it smells so bad it also is going to be the way that our body regulates its temperature so sweating is a really really important function for the body so part of the issue is that we’ re losing lots of water we need to replenish that water but when we sweat.

We also lose electrolytes and I just want to mention that those sports drinks that a lot of us are reaching for best source of electrolytes so I talked about coconut water a lot but just in case this is my one video that you’ ve ever seen I want to tell you about it here now any fruit or vegetable that you consume is going to contain electrolytes so you could literally like one of my favorite things is taking a bag of frozen grapes with me on a run or to the gym but any natural food right is going
to give you some electrolytes to replenish so you don’ t need that crazy drink with a bunch of sugar and red 40 in it and then coconut water is my beverage of choice when I’ m working out

electrolytes are minerals that have an electric charge and they’ re really really important again for virtually every function in your body so take water with you when you workout if you’ re really working out hard and you want to replenish your electrolytes I recommend a coconut water you just want to make sure it’ s 100% coconut water and doesn’ t have any weird added sugar or other ingredients in it one thing you may not realize is that water is also a really essential part of lubricating our joints and when we talk about joint pain or issues associated with deteriorating joints as we age understand that the cartilage in your joints is very very much contingent upon water in order to stay healthy and interestingly glucosamine which is known to be very good for the joints actually works by improving the ability of cartilage to absorb water so this is why drinking more water as we age can be a really-really good idea and this is why dehydration can actually be associated with joint pain because water is really the central transport system of the body it is essential for helping to distribute and circulate nutrients all throughout the body and again this is why water is implicated in so many different functions another big issue is talking about the health of our skin.

And once again the skin cells themselves are very very dependent upon water and when skin cells become dehydrated we start to have sagging skin wrinkles discoloration and really just that kind of lackluster I don’ t know unpleasant looking skin that so many people are trying to remedy so there’ s all kinds of different topical things we can put on your skin but a lot of people forget that actually maybe the most important thing is the water that you’ re drinking to help give you that clear glowing skin you’ re looking for.

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