January 8, 2020

How To Look Handsome


How To Look Handsome

How to be handsome today’ s blog is all about male grooming 101 especially for Indian guys there’ s a lot of male grooming blog out on the internet but none really for the average young Indian guy who deals with issues like acne issues like oily skin issues like scruffy hair issues like high humidity in this country that’ s what you need to remember so I’ ll be giving you my top seven easy points when it comes to basic male grooming for the everyday guy no fancy products involved no fancy techniques involved just everyday things in order to look handsome.

But more importantly in order to look clean and tidy a lot of guys think that looking handsome is just about your looks what you’ re born with but includes looking handsome boils down to how neat and tidy you look if you want to impress ladies if you want to look attractive to the average Indian woman it’ s all about looking slim looking like you’ ve had a bath so let’ s get started with point number one the most important point haircut haircut affect your face structure but more importantly they affect how scruffy you look especially if you’ ve got hair like mine which is a little bit rough which a lot of Indian guys have it’ s not a great idea to grow out your hair unless you’ ve got silky
smooth hair.

the golden haircut that’ s a slightly long top and a slightly short side think of most good-looking athletes Virat Kohli Cristiano Ronaldo Olivier Giroud robin van persie they all follow this protocols with different ratios what do I mean by ratios some people go for slightly longer tops and short sides some people go for slightly longer sides and not such long tops but at the end of the day it’ s a basic blueprint you need to figure out a hacker that suits your face and face structure perfectly but the most important rule is to just look neat and tidy remember women associate cleanliness with looking good and that’ s why we’ re moving on to tip number two tip number two we’ re talking about facial hair but more importantly getting your facial hair correct which is something that a lot of young dudes do wrong especially there’ s only three ways of doing that either you.

Grow out your beard entirely and then take care of it which is another whole beard grooming tutorial we’ re not going to talk about that today secondly you can choose to stylize your beard go for a goatee go for a soul patch but whatever happens don’ t ever go for a mustache especially if you’ re a young guy you might think that it makes you look older but in truth you just look like a child molester 2017 is not the time of mustaches-mustaches of very historic in my opinion and the safer way of doing things the golden with evergreen way of doing things is going clean-shaven remember today’ s blog is all about being handsome and nothing says clean and tidy like being clean shaven so let’ s talk a little bit about some quick shaving tips and why an important piece of shaving gear is very very crucial that’s also where today’ s blog sponsor the Gillette mach3 turbo comes in a play keep in mind.

I only sponsor products which I believe in 100% in which I use myself now I’ m a fan of this razor for three practical reasons firstly the blades are extremely strong and durable and that means you don’ t have to replace them often that way you’ re saving money secondly this grip on this is absolutely gorgeous especially if you’ re in a hurry and you’re trying to shave fast that’ s where a great quality grift can save you from being cut and finally the blades are mounted on a spring so if you’ re going for a precision shape where you’ re trying to stylize with precision or if you’re someone who’ s got pimples then you want to avoid shaving over your pimples that’ s where a good quality razor can absolutely skill it for you remember if it’ s a good quality product do bike that is always going to give it
a thumbs up but moving on to tip number 3 tip number 3 we are talking about secondary facial hair what do I mean by that so you’ ve got your primary facial hair on your mustache your beard but there’ s also secondary facial hair that a lot of people notice especially.

if you’ ve not taken care of it namely on the years a lot of Indians get a lot of hair growing out of the years and once again you can just use your regular razor to shave all of it off secondly we’ re talking about nose hair the solution is to take a super narrow super sharp pair of small scissors and go and just trim it off and thirdly very importantly keep in mind this is not at all girly stop telling yourself that but every single guy should own a pair of tweezers this is something that I’ ve stolen from my sister but it’ s come very handy in the last four to five years so a lot of guys have hair growing here in the middle of the eyebrows a lot of Indian dudes have a unibrow but you might think that this isn’ t really a big issue.

but trust me a unibrow can absolutely ruin your handsome game and to use this it’ s very simple you just get a good quality pair of tweezers a good quality one will come for about 100 or 200 rupees you just need to make sure it’ s sharp so how do you make short sharp when you join the two ends of the tweezers they should match exactly and if they match that’ s your pair of tweezers so basically what you do is that you just go for the super thick hairs in between your eyebrows what you don’ t want to do is entirely clean shave that area between your eyebrows especially where someone who has a thick unibrow then it becomes obvious what you’ve done so when you’ re
tweezing just your unibrow you need to leave a little bit of hay a few strands of hair just,

How To Look Handsome

so that it looks natural at the end of the day your face needs to look like it’ s got two eyebrows and not one v number four basic face cleanliness as you can see here my eyes my face all of it looks a little bit oily not taking care of all my facial hair my secondary facial hair but now stand actually take care of your face how do you go from being looking sleeping like this to looking slightly more fresh your first weapon is a basic face wash so you just rub it between your hands and then you proceed to spread it all over your face and all over your neck what is the point of doing this basic mild face wash just helps in getting rid of all the oil if oil accumulates on your skin that’ s what increases the total amount of pimples you will get remember if you’re a young guy if you’ re in your teens if you’ re in your early 20s and especially if you’ re someone goes to the gym you’ re more prone to acne.

so we’ re just washing your face twice a day in the morning right after you get up and at night one or two hours before bedtime can do a huge deal for preventing and minimizing your acne I’ m not going to get into the details of how to wash your face because that’ s a separate blog by itself but for now I’ ll quickly go it just makes sure that your face washes rub deep into your skin and wash it off with tepid water tepid base basically room temperature so you take a little bit of water for this there is to be a little bit bubbly make sure washing it well and then just get rid of it see also being much cleaner already it’s because I’ ve got rid of all the excess oil and sebum on my face now

this is great for everyday use just wash your face twice a day but what if you want to take it a little bit further what if you’ re going for an important office meeting or what if you’ re going for a party you want to take this neatness level even follow and that’ s why v number five comes in a bonus skincare routine since I have oily skin I’ m not a huge fan of using moisturizer everyday using so much of this actually blocks your pores and causes even more acne remember at the end of the day just like with something like Christmas you have to figure out your own skincare routine but a bonus skincare routine is only to be used on occasion like if you’ re going for a party or an important meeting and you don’ t want to look oily and grungy that’ s when you can use this some just got a basic moisturizer oh.

How To Look Handsome

and I’ ve got a baby powder the moisturizer moisturizes rehydrate your skin and speaking about the baby powder why are we going for baby powder and not regular talcum powder because this has very fine granules the granules aren’ t coarse and they don’ t block your pores remember too much of AD powder can definitely hurt you as well but once in a while if you’ re just trying to look a little extra neat if you’ re going for a party or a wedding this kind of skincare routine really helps I’ m not a fan of using this every single day but once in a while it can make a subtle difference something like this just a little moisturizer a little baby powder can do a lot of difference for how oily your
skin looks keep in mind I put a little way too much in this case and also keep in mind that there is a solution if you put too much just wipe it down with a slightly wet cloth and you’ re good to go perfect for basic men’ s makeup a lot of people might think that.

How To Look Handsome

this is a little too metrosexual but this is the closest thing you can get the makeup but enough about face grooming because looking handsome key in mind is not just about your face tip number six boys we’ re talking about being handsome outside of just your face why do I say that because four guys a woman who’s pretty it’ s primarily about a face but four girls it’ s more about cleanliness tidiness as I’ ve spoken about in today’ s blog and one of the ways women gauge cleanliness is by looking at your feet and by looking at your hand you don’ t really need to concentrate on your feet because if you go for a party you’ re not really exposing your feet but your hands on the other hand are always exposed what do you want to do it’ s very simple as your first standard school teacher told you just keep your nails short that if remember these kind of little rules were keeping your nails short removing the
dirt from inside your nails filing your nails are very-very crucial in your long-term game when it comes to looking
handsome for tip number six is super simple if you want to convey friendliness or you want to convey up clean nails and clean hands make sure your hands are clean if you’ re someone who goes to the gym and you have these calluses it’ s not really considered unattractive universally but some women might consider.

it a little bit unattractive if you want to take care of your hands of those calluses just use a little bit of moisturizer and rub it in your hand and get rid of the calluses and finally moving on to the final step tip number seven not really about your physical body but more about the perception of Hanson as I spoke about in my previous blog we’ re talking about men’ s fragrances so why are fragrances and smells such a big factor in looking handsome primarily because women associate you with the way you smell so especially in first encounters first impressions you need to go in with a little bit of perfume sprayed on yourself so if you want to know more about the science of perfumes and how to apply perfumes for a beginner makes you check out my fragrances 101 blog and if you want to know more about the dressing side of things the fashion side of things make sure you check out my men’ s style flavors this is Randy that’ s my Instagram handle and until next time guys on beer biceps we will see you later.

How To Look Handsome

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