January 5, 2020

Can Lose Weight During Pregnancy

Can Lose Weight During Pregnancy

hello all today we’ re going to talk about a very sensitive subject we’ re gonna talk about losing weight. while you were pregnant so this was a highly requested blog I am currently almost 35 weeks pregnant and I am one pound under my pre-pregnancy weight you have heard it.

I have completed a pregnancy. and I am still one pound below. so anytime I mention that in my updates of course people want to know I have messages and emails so I promised that once I gotclose to 35 weeks pregnant. and I didn’¬† gain obsessive amount of weight I would do this blog now this is a very sensitive blog as well this blog is not to bash me one or make anyone feel bad that has gained weight during pregnancy as there are so many factors during pregnancy. that havenothing to do if you’ re keeping your activity up.


or if you’ re consuming the right amount of calories or the right kind of food thereare medical conditions pregnancy is just Russian roulette you don’t know hat’ going to happen. so again this is not tomake anyone feel bad this is not to encourage anyone to diet during pregnancy if you are a normal BMI meaning of your BMI is 25 or lower then this may not be the blog for you it may be helpful in fact it may help you keep some of that weight off.

but our bodies know what they’ re doing this is more if you’ re starting the pregnancy overweight or obese like I did I was obese when I started this I started my pregnancy at 207 pounds and I’ m 57 so technically even though I don’ t look it I did start out this pregnancy obese.

I am going to go over information that helped me when I was researching when I. first found out I was pregnant with this baby I will also put a disclaimer that I am NOT a medical professional I am NOT giving pregnancy advice I am simply giving tips that are fewer interested in trying to keep the weight off or if you’ re interested to try to be healthy and maintain as low of a weight as poss while you’ re still nursing a little bitty baby then this is the video for you when I found out I was pregnant it was really important for me to try to stay at the lowest weight possible so after I had him I didn’ t have a bunch of weight I had to lose so let’ s talk from the moment we find out that we’ re pregnant we are constantly told the same thing you’ re eating for two now we’ve all heard that phrase.

How To Lose Weight During Pregnancy

you’ re eating for two you’ re eating for two don’t worry about it you’ re pregnant. I can’ t tell you how many times that I wouldn’ t go for the third plate of food at like a family get-together and they’ re like oh Stephanie you should have another one.

I’ m like oh I already had two plates they’re like oh don’ t worry about it you’ re pregnant pregnancy does not give you this get-out-of-jail-free card where you can stuff your face now again if you’ re still hungry after that second plate have the third plate by all means but be cautious of it the facts are this that during your first trimester.

the average woman only needs about 1, 800 calories during this second trimester it’ s 2, 200 calories and in the third trimester its 2, 400 to 2600 calories which makes perfect sense.

because we all know that once we’ re in that last trimester it seems like we get so hungry and we can eat everything at least that’ s how I feel right now so that makes sense right well the average non pregnant woman only needs 1, 500 to 2, 000 calories depending if she’ s wanting to lose about a pound a week.

or if she’ s wanting to maintain her weight so when you think about it during your first trimester you really don’ t need to eat more than you normally would that isn’t to say that we don’ t our babies don’t have growth spurts we don’ t get hungry.

Can Lose Weight During Pregnancy

and even when you’ re not pregnant there are some times you just want to pick out you just want to have that yummy-yummy food and that is completely okay. but my first tip is going to be to let go of that stereotype that you’ re eating for two with my last pregnancy with Alexander.

my doctor was really strict about weight gain especially if you started the pregnancy out overweight because there are health risks to being pregnant and being overweight, that is my first device and the most important advice I think that that really changes the mentality.

and without taking that mentality you’ re going to get nowhere so if you have in the back of your head well, it’ s okay if I do this because I’m pregnant it’ s not gonna fly so let go the mentality you are not eating for two you do not have a grown adult growing in your belly you have an embryo.

and then later a fetus my next tip is going to be water-water and then some more water you want to consume so much water so much fluid juice you want to make sure that you’ re staying hydrated not only is it going to prevent other things in pregnancy.

like constipation things that are just no fun to deal with but it’ s also going to keep you healthy and keep everything washing out of your body toxins, it’ s going to also help you feel the best okay and this next tip is really-really difficult if you’re pregnant you’ re probably gonna hear it and be like Stephanie you are crazy but it is to stay as active as you can now during that first trimester.

when you’ re not feeling good and during that last trimester when you’ re so pregnant and tired believe me I have the hardest time trying to stay active but it is really important for you to stay active especially if you are an active person before but even if not just walking everyday or keeping up with the housework just doing things that exert.

the energy and just keeps your body moving not only is it good for maintaining weight during pregnancy or encouraging weight loss but it is alsogoing to help you later on in the pregnancy and during delivery so definitely keep that in mind now this last tip is equally as important as all of the others and that is portion control portion control in anything whether it’ s just you having breakfast or having lunch or dinner again.

How To Lose Weight During Pregnancy

I am NOT saying to restrict your calories I am NOT saying to not have yummy things or things that you’re craving, or things you want if I’ m craving something I have it but it’ s saying okay you had that bowl of Cap’n Crunch don’ t be getting your big ol mixer bow that you would make like a double serving a brownie.

CIN just get a normal bowl and after you’ve had that don’ t have another bowl it’ s especially portion controlling when you’ re dealing with high carb things like breads and sweets it’ s really important to curb those because that is going to be really crucial in keeping the weight off.

now I know I’ ve said this time and time again but if you are craving something eat it or drink it even if you’ re craving a bunch of brownies like let yourself indulge because it is going to be harder to try to maintain it over long term if you are depriving yourself and you should not deprive yourself this is the time that we listen to our bodies.

and believe me guys I’ m all about losing weight hardcore I mean if you follow me I’ ve done paleo before I’ m all about that but when it comes down to being pregnant and arrying life in our belly and being responsible for another human beings growth is really important for us to listen and not to take it too far and at the end of the day you may still gain weight but this is very good tips to get you started on the right path for example I may not in this pregnancy with not gaining any but that is completely fine.

because my whole goal was I wanted to be as healthy as possible and starting up this pregnancy already in the obese category was really kind of scary like I was just like I don’ t want way more weight to lose I usually lose the weight pretty easily.

I don’ t think I’ m gonna do any weight loss blogs or anything like that guys he is making it really hard to do this blog eat your food what do you have what do you have you gonna say hi-hi hmm I’m gonna get those feet seized.

I’ m gonna get this beat he’s like leave me alone I’ m eating mama all right guys well thank you so much for watching if you have any tips of losing weight or maintaining weight during pregnancy please leave them in comments below to help the other pregnant women out there including me including me but I love you guys.

if you have any questions also leave them in the comments below I really like doing blog like this for you and definitely¬† so you can become a part of our family and so you can stay updated with my pregnancy updates and that way if I do gain weight and I do just become this fat cow after making this blog you can be like haha Stephanie your tips didn’ t even work for you no I think that may happen but thank you guys I love you laning crew laughs you are dead now-Todd there ever you.

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